Your Feet – Your Foundation!

When deciding what to write this article about, I thought about what problem was afflicting several people I personally know; the answer? Their feet! Many people don’t stop to consider that their feet are the very foundation of everything they do in their lives. Feet are an integral part of the work day, the home life and the various forms of recreation we each chose to participate in. If we don’t take care of our feet, we’re undermining our ability to function in every area of our life.

One person I know, my step-son, a young man in his early twenties, just recently found out he has diabetes. He has suffered from excess weight for the past few years, and during the last two to three years, has been in various degrees of pain due to varicose veins in his legs. It was this pain, coupled with a hemorrhage of a leg vein in the shower one morning which sent him to a doctor. This led to the discovery of the diabetes.

This young man has worked for years as a cashier, and for the last year has been an office manager. His employer doesn’t permit employees to sit during working hours. This strenuous, stressful work condition added to the stress on his veins and legs. One of his doctors recommendations was to get a good, supportive pair of shoes. It was stressed that with his weight especially, if he doesn’t take care of his feet by wearing decent shoes and support socks, that in time, he won’t even be able to stand up or possibly even walk.

This was quite a wake up call! He has since begun to lose some weight and is doing very well controlling his diabetes and says his feet and legs are feeling better. His foundation is being rebuilt, even though it’s a very slow and painful process.

Another man I know had enlisted in the armed forces years ago, and after just a few months, was medically discharged due to flat feet. BIG DEAL, you may say! Well, it really is! His feet have bothered him all his life, but he’s never seen a podiatrist! We just recently found out about all this and have advised him to find a good foot specialist. A podiatrist can examine his feet, and make a cast from which a corrective pair of shoes can be specially made which will alleviate much of his foot pain and make the rest of his life much more comfortable and enjoyable. This man has lived for years in needless pain and suffering! Flat feet is nothing to sneer at. Flat feet cause pain which affects every area of life. If you or someone you know has flat feet, seek help from a competent podiatrist! You’ll be very happy you did!

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