Summer Beauty

Here comes summer! Just around the corner! Colors, Colors, Colors! Time for bright greens, purples, yellows, and lets not forget white. Your makeup should compliment, not overpower, your fresh summer colors. Lavenders and pinks are the standard for a fresh summer look. Not too much mascara! I have found that in hot conditions, although you can use waterproof mascara, most of them are not heat resistant. Depending on where you live you should wear mascara to fit your climate. A lot of mascara in the summer is not a very pleasant look.

Summer makeup should be as light and maintenance free as possible. Don’t load yourself down with too much makeup baggage. The less you have to maintain, the healthier your skin will be to start with in the fall to brighten up your earthy fall colors. You will look like a breath of summer, even in the fall.

If you use foundation, it is important to also protect your delicate complexion from harmful UV rays of the sun. Try to choose foundation with spf 4-8. Not all foundation have sunscreen in them, and this does not mean that they will perform any less. But, foundation, for the most part, is not enough even if it has sunscreen protection in it,to keep you from getting a serious burn on your face. So you should still use good common sense, and wear a hat and sun shades. Remember that the spf protection in some products for the face is to protect against Uvrays for a short time. Your face and hands are more sensitive than the rest of your exposed areas.

This means that you really shouldn’t stay out in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Now, getting back to the colors, don’t be afraid to experiment with green and pink frosted for your eye colors, as well as lavender and white. The frosted colors are a traditional summer treat, like a crisp cool salad! Sum it all up with some cool frosted lip colors, pinks and plums.

If frosted lip colors are not your cup of tea, smooth corals and pinks are just as refreshing. Don’t be surprised if you use less blush in the summer than you do any other time. You are outdoors more and there is more sunlight, so just being outside can already give you a healthier glow to your complexion!

Whatever you decide to do for your summer look, be sure to make it a wonderful, safe, full of life, happy time!

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