Seven Spring Fruits For Your Health: Eat Local, Natural Produce

  1. Kiwifruit: With more Vitamin C than oranges, as much potassium as bananas and a high dietary fiber content, kiwifruits are a winning choice. Dietary fiber controls sugar levels, which helps fight diabetes, and has been shown to lower cholesterol. Native to South China, kiwifruit is today a major export crop for New Zealand. How about a nice fat-free pavlova?
  2. Apricots: Their orange, yellow and red skin indicates that apricots have a huge number of antioxidants, which can promote eye health and prevent macular degeneration and cataracts. With lots of beta-carotene, apricots also protect you from heart disease by lowering cholesterol. Some Middle Eastern dishes use apricots for a sweet addition to a main meal.
  3. Limes: Limes are fantastic for digestive health and a strong immune system, as they’re packed with Vitamin C. While the idea of biting into a lime might not be appealing, try limeade as an alternative to lemonade or drizzle fresh-squeezed lime juice over a nice piece of grilled fish.
  4. Valencia oranges: Like limes, oranges are abundant with Vitamin C. But they are also packed with hesperidin, which has been linked to lower cholesterol, and beta-cryptoxanthin, an anti-oxidant that can reduce the risk of inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.
  5. Blueberries: Rich in antioxidants, blueberries are one of the best fruits out their to build a strong immune system and slow the aging process. One study even showed that these bluish-purple fruits can reduce belly fat and lower total body weight. Frozen blueberries have the same properties as fresh and are often a less expensive, tasty addition to smoothies.
  6. Cantaloupe: For stronger lungs, cantaloupe is a winner. This orange-fleshed fruit, called “rockmelon” in some parts of the world, has high levels of Vitamin A, which can reduce complications from emphysema. It’s also full of folate, which can prevent dementia and osteoporosis. The best way to eat this juicy melon is to cut it in half and dig in with a spoon, no plate or bowl required.
  7. Cherries: Besides being fun to eat and delicious, cherries are a great source of boron to improve bone health. A Johns Hopkins University found that tart cherries can reduce inflammation and pain. Another study, from the University of Michigan, linked eating cherries to lowering total body weight, cholesterol and body fat. What’s spring without a healthy cherry pie?

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