Quick And Easy Ways To Stay Healthy When You Travel

Crowded airports and terminals can take a toll on your patience and your immune system. Winter travel takes place at the height of cold and flu season. Staying on top of your health is a must.

  1. Keep well hydrated. Drink water whenever possible. Always take a bottle on the plane with you and drink it before you land. Eat soups and watery foods like lettuce and cucumbers. Remember, caffeine dehydrates.
  2. Invest in whole food supplements specifically for immunity. The newer mushroom blends can stop a cold or flu in its tracks. The highest quality, most researched supplements can be found at http://www.gardenoflife.com.
  3. Stay as well rested as possible. Again, regular consumption of whole food multi-vitamins will help maintain a higher level of energy. Use stress relieving techniques as often as possible. Self-hypnosis or relaxation CDs are great. Try out different practitioners until you find one that works for you. Many free sources are available. Rent from the library or download samples from many websites. Just Google “self-hypnosis.”
  4. Check with your doctor and pharmacist to be sure you have an adequate supply of any prescription medications. Insurance companies will sometimes allow early refills for travel. Also ask your pharmacist if any of your medications need special handling for medications such as insulin. Don’t forget to check your supply contact lenses, too.
  5. Washing your hands as often as possible is the most important thing you can do stay healthy. In a survey one person out of every five said they did NOT wash their hands after going to the bathroom…icky! How many is that in a busy airport or gas station. Most people catch colds and flu from rubbing their nose, eyes or mouth after touching something someone else with the germs touched. Don’t forget to make sure your children wash their hands often and thoroughly, too.
  6. Eating on the run when traveling can cause weight gain and stomach problems such as acid reflux and heartburn. Remember, everything about airports and terminals makes you rush. If you are on a road trip, fast food restaurants are designed to make you eat fast and eat more. So, reduce your risk of suffering from these problems by sitting down to eat, lay down your fork or sandwich between each bite and put your hands in your lap for a few seconds. Most importantly, chew your food thoroughly. Food should be liquid when you swallow.

Making these practices a habit and you will enjoy your trip more and come home healthy!

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