Normal to Dry Skin

I dont know about anyone else but most of my clients deal with combination to oily skin. Sometimes very oily. But on the other end of the complexion spectrum is normal to dry skin. The reason it is categorized as normal to dry is because if you are lucky enough to have normal skin then you are neither dry or oily. This is deemed perfect skin. Or is it? First of all if you have normal skin and you are neither dry nor oily it is not because of the products you are using on your face. Its your genetic makeup. This does not mean that you are immune to skin problems or even pimples. Many normal to dry skin people face a store filled with all kinds of remedies for oily or combination to oily skin. If you use makeup that is too dry it may cause dry patches that may itch and become painful. Thus,everything needs to be hydrating even your makeup has to be of a creamy base. You also face hardships in the winter. But you cant just put any kind of lotion on your face. Some lotions that have age-fighting or hydrating on the package also have alpha-hydroxy acids in them. Thats fine for a lot of people. But there are at least a ¼ of us out there that,for some reason,have a sensitivity to alpha-hydroxy acids no matter how creamy or hydrating the lotion or makeup may be. This causes an allergic reaction no matter how dry your skin is. However, there are some hydrating lotions and makeup that do not have alpha-hydroxy acids in them. Acquire samples,if possible,of the product before buying the actual size. Even if you get your samples from a grocery store and they cost all of $ .99 cents its better than paying full price for something only to find out that it wasnt at all good for your skin. Yes,it does require reading the labels if you are at all sensitive to this. If you go to a professional makeup counter inquire about this problem and dont be afraid to ask questions. No one persons skin problems are unique or strange to a professional skincare consultant or associate. Get as much information as you can about your normal to dry skin because as you age the natural ability of your skin to hydrate depletes a little at a time. You want to have the least amount of dry skin battles in one lifetime as possible. The elements are definitely against you year round.

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