My Breasts – My Poison

Enter… HOPE… That is where hope came in… slowly and haltingly, at first. This was the first time any doctor had ever admitted to the possibility that the breast implants might be implicated as the culprit. Knowing my own history, and after reading a large number of books and articles on the subject, I am totally convinced that these silicone implants are indeed poisoning me.

At this point, I believe God has allowed me to be in this position in order to do whatever I can to help others. That’s where this book comes in.

These implants, which I didn’t want, but for a time I have to admit… was glad I had, have brought me to this condition. I am in constant pain, unable to work and without resources to help myself. Quite a payoff, don’t you think?

If someone had told me twenty-five years ago, there was even a slight chance that I might experience all this, I never would have agreed to have these implants put in, no matter how much my husband wanted to be turned on by larger breasts. There are no breasts of any size worth the pain, agony and defeat, which these silicone seeping implants have caused. I hope any woman who is considering having her body mutilated (which by the way is what usually happens when these things are removed), will think again.

Of course, ALL women who have had implants supposedly have not had problems. OR have they? Maybe they haven’t been subjected to the more serious aspects of the silicone disaster, but how has their general health been? Have they all felt as good physically as they did during the years before the implants? Or perhaps, are they just a little more tired, or just a little more prone to viruses and germs than they might have been without the implants? Who knows? The trouble is – No one knows for sure!

That is the point! We don’t know for sure, so consider the consequences carefully before you have these potentially dangerous foreign agents sealed into your body. You can’t just simply take them out like taking off a new dress that you don’t like. They’re in there for the long haul – at least so you intend, so make sure you know and understand the risks you may be taking with your future health, with your children, and with your life.

With your health, because the symptoms are varied, obscure and unknown. Your life, because if you don’t get proper care and get it in time, these things can kill you. At this point in time, I am dying, because I couldn’t afford the needed treatment and surgery to have them removed.

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