Herbals for Sinus Problems

One of the most common and irritating conditions we humans seem to suffer with is sinus congestion and other related troubles which plague the respiratory tract. One of the most effective natural remedies for these conditions is to eat garlic, onions and horseradish, which tend to break up congestion in the mucous membranes all through the system. The only real question seems to be; how much of these herbs do you have to eat? Unfortunately, no one answer will work for everyone. It seems to be more an issue which can be answered only by personal experimentation and experience. The main caution is to begin with small, mild doses and work up gradually. Some have found relief by adding these aromatic herbs to their regular meals, while others find them effective only when taken in large, pure, mega doses.

One fortunate note especially to those around the user, is that garlic is now available in odorless capsules, and contrary to some opinions, the odorless forms of this potent herb are just as effective in the various actions within the body, as the fresh herb itself.

Herbs take longer to produce relief within the body, but unlike so many prescribed drugs, or even those purchased over the counter, the herbs don’t produce systemic side effects and they aren’t addictive. Another factor worth mentioning, is that the various medications available in most drug stores often have a tendency to work for only a short time, and can even cause a rebound effect which can make the symptoms worse. In time, your system may become totally impervious to the intended effects of the drug.

Herbs are usually free from these hindrances and therefore are more attractive, even though some are quite odiferous or messy. Nevertheless, herbs usually prove to be worth the trouble.

Stories are quite common of the effectiveness of garlic for sinus congestion. One lady says she suffered with a severe sinus condition for years and had tried untold medications. Some made her ears ring and others made her drowsy, but none helped give relief.

Like numerous others, this lady changed doctors more than once after being given wrongful or expensive advice. After having perfectly good teeth extracted on the advice of one doctor, her condition got no better. Another doctor performed a sinus operation which he claimed would open the sinuses. The patient still got no relief except for the lightening of her finances to the tune of $1000, which greatly benefited the doctor.

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