Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Couples: Make Healthier Choices in the New Year With a Spouse

New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep but making them with a partner can provide more motivation to stay on track. Healthy resolutions can include exercising more, eating healthier food, dining out less and engaging in a more active lifestyle.

Resolve to Get Healthy Together

Exercising more and eating less unhealthy food are among the most popular New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions are easier to keep if they are shared with a partner. A husband and wife who want to be healthier in the new year can decide how they want to go about making that change.

One option is to increase activity by taking a nightly walk, joining a gym together or taking an exercise class. A couple who enjoys friendly competition may want to each wear a pedometer and see who can take the most steps each day and tally the steps at the end of each week. The winner can choose one household chore for the loser to complete.

Make Resolutions to Explore New Recipes

Couples who want to make healthy new year resolutions can focus on healthy cooking and dining out less. Each week a husband or wife can choose a new recipe to try on Friday night instead of dining out. Taking the time to select the recipe, buy the ingredients and prepare and enjoy the food together is a great way to reconnect after a busy week. Couples can take turns choosing the recipe and can vote on the success of each one.

Married couples may also want to try eliminating unhealthy food from their diets. Husbands and wives can decide to avoid purchasing products with trans fats or try a lower-sodium diet. Adding one meatless meal a week or reducing the amount of red meat a family eats are healthy options too. Perhaps this is the year to try eating a completely vegetarian or vegan meal one day a week.

Stop Smoking With a Spouse

Eliminating an unhealthy habit is a goal that is best completed with a partner or cheerleader. Couples can elect to quit a bad habit at the same time, like quit smoking together, or they can each choose a bad habit they would like to eliminate and work toward supporting the other person. This includes making choices that help his or her spouse to have strong willpower, like not bringing home snacks for a dieting spouse and choosing to dine at smoke-free restaurant if a spouse is quitting smoking.

Adding Activity to a Healthy Lifestyle

Couples who already have a healthy lifestyle or who are looking for a fun and creative New Year’s resolution to accomplish together may want to try becoming local tourists. With this resolution, couples travel locally and visit every free museum or public park in a certain mile radius of their home during the course of the year.

Husbands and wives can decide whether to pick one visit a week or one per month and can take turn choosing the destination for the afternoon date. Most areas have free local history museums or other points of interest. Map out the destination, where to have lunch (either at a local landmark restaurant or a picnic in a park) and any highlights of the trip. Document the trips in a photo album or scrapbook to be reviewed at the end of the year on New Year’s Eve.

Married couples can make healthy New Year’s resolutions together by choosing to make dietary changes, increasing activity together or supporting each other in lifestyle changes. Decide on a health goal together and cheer one another on success.

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