Health and Wellness at a Day Spa

Laser Lounge & Spa is a one-woman operated business that offers diverse services to customers, but more importantly provides a solace for individuals looking for health and wellness.

Owner Jessie Mann underwent a physical and emotional healing process about five years ago, and since that time has taken courses focused on energy healing and mediation, including a hands-on-healing course taught at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

“Dealing with energy can make you sensitive to the energy of others, and when I deal with my clients, there is a touch relationship, a transfer of energy,” says Mann. “I can pick up on things like feelings and pains in the physical body. Sometimes the conversation of a physical pain can lead to healing an emotional problem. And many times, touch alone helps to balance the body. When u know how to use the flow of energy in your own life, it affects others in positive ways,” she adds.

Day Spa Offers Laser Hair Removal Using an IPL Machine

Laser Lounge & Spa, located in Surrey, BC, is a day spa that focuses on laser hair removal, as well as skin rejuvenation and acne treatments using an IPL (intense pulse light) machine. According to Mann, the IPL machine differs from traditional laser hair removal machines, as it is not a real red light laser, but a much gentler light that still provides the same depth and quality with reduced risks and side effects than laser technologies of the past.

The spa also offers a range of services, including various facials, using a mix of natural and salon products that are environmentally friendly; crystal-free microdermabrasion to heal acne or problematic skin conditions or to aid in skin rejuvenation; and detoxification treatments.

Customers can choose from an infrared sauna that detoxifies the entire body and helps with joint pains, while naturally strengthening the immune system to dipping their feet in an ionic footbath, an ancient Chinese form of cleansing and detoxifying the body, to boost the immune system. The spa also offers another form of detoxification through rebounding, a machine that sends vibrations throughout the body stimulating lymphatic drainage and increasing microcirculation.

Health and Wellness Benefit One’s Mind, Body and Soul

Mann describes her business as a “one-man shop, its not too busy, which gives me time to really connect with my clients. The lounge and spa is a comfortable and relaxed environment with which I bring a personal interest of natural healing.”

Mann emphasizes good health and overall wellness by educating her clients, and says, “Your lifestyle, diet, nutrition, thoughts and actions effect your mind, body and soul connection. Loving yourself is the only way to true wellness.”

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