Expert by Necessity,

Why and how I became an expert on natural remedies. I had no choice about it. There was no other help available, certainly not from the medical establishment. Here is the first installment in the story of my journey toward natural health. This story will tell you how I developed severe allergy problems, how the medical profession had no help for me, and how I learned to look after myself, getting help wherever I could find it.

Snatched from the Brink of Death

I was the first child to whose birth my mother had looked forward with much joy. She was convinced that I would be her first girl, the one whom she had wanted for all those years that she gave birth to boys, nothing but boys. She thanked God for me every day for a first year of my life, and that is when I became deathly sick.

I had just received my compulsory vaccinations when I contracted all the diseases against which I had been vaccinated, including scarlet fever and whooping cough, all at the same time. It was only through the drastic intervention of a homeopath that my life was spared.

Serious Birth Defect

What no one realized at the time was that I was born with a constriction in the urinary tract, 4 cm below the right kidney. It prevented proper drainage of the kidney. Only through extreme pressure was the kidney able to expel urine, a drop at a time. The backflow of the urine caused continuous blood poisonings which endangered my life time and again.

I suffered from itchy hives all over my body continually. They looked and felt exactly like mosquito bites, and they were caused by the poisons in my bloodstream.

At age 35, the kidney problem was corrected surgically. The surgeon who performed the operation told me that my life was a medical impossibility, in other words, a miracle. The oldest person in medical history who had the same operation was a boy of 12. Everyone else had died of poisoning in infancy. I had, in fact, died of my condition twice, and one other time I was in a coma for several days, but no one had ever been able to figure out what the problem was.

I have also been told repeatedly that I would not have survived childhood if I had grown up on a North American diet. The starvation diet of the lean days of World War II Germany and the starvation days of the post-war period became my salvation. While surviving on the weeds which we found in ditches, I may have been continually hungry and underweight, but my body did not have to worry about excess uric acid which is produced by the digestion of animal protein, a substance which causes severe problems when the urinary system is unable to expel it.

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