Copper and Magnets to Combat Pain

If it works, . . .

I will try anything once. If it works, fine. If it does not, at least I will know. The best way to find out if a remedy has merit is to test it out, and if I can find a way of doing that without spending too much money on it, I am game. Here are a couple of remedies which I tested recently.

Copper Bracelets

Half my life, I have seen magazine ads for copper bracelets to relieve pain, especially from arthritis. When I found a heavy copper chain bracelet at a secondhand store for $4.00, I started wearing it on my right wrist. I have permanent damage in that wrist and hand, because it got jammed in a rear end collision. I was clutching the steering wheel when I was hit. For the first time since the accident, my wrist and hand were free of pain. This summer, however, I got a bad case of poison ivy on that same forearm and I had to cover the poison ivy blisters with wet clay. I therefore switched the bracelet to my left wrist. The result? The pain returned in all its fury, except that I had no idea why the pain had returned. It took a while before I put 2 and 2 together. As soon as the poison ivy blisters dried up, I switched the bracelet back to my right wrist. The relief was almost instantaneous. Within the hour, the pain was gone, even when I dug my fingers into the sorest spot. A few days before that, I would have screamed in agony. To me, that is sufficient evidence to convince me that copper relieves pain. I do not know what it does to arthritis, because I have no way of testing it. It seems reasonable to assume, though, that is would relieve the arthritis pain as well.

Magnetic Insoles

  • It must have been my lucky day, when I found a pair of magnetic insoles at a rummage sale. They were still in their original unopened package, and I paid all of a Canadian quarter for them. And they were my size. Great! A pair of rubber insoles with lots of little magnets placed in them. I tried them out in shoes which were a little on the big side, and that whole day, I seemed to be walking on air. I must admit, that I have inherited my mother’s well-built feet and legs and can easily be on my feet all day every day without my feet getting tired. Hiking and climbing for days on end have been a family passion for those in my family who have the same heritage. Seeing that my feet feel good to begin with, I can hardly describe what they feel like with magnetic insoles.

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