Collagen. Something that we already have is present in the second layer of skin called the dermis just under the epidermis. In our younger years it is plentiful but as we age it breaks down slowly. But age is not the only factor in the break down of Collagen. The elements, humidity,uv rays from the sun. Thats not all! Alcohol,drugs,stress also play an important factor in the breaking down of this wonderful youth keeping element. Now,when we get older and want it back then we try things like Collagen surgeries to plump things up a bit,if you will. But is it really all worth it? Anyone who has ever had it done will tell you that its no picnic. Nonetheless, the results that you can achieve from such therapy as some people call it,such as plumping up the lips by injecting Collagen into them,a very painful process and the results are suppose to be stupendous! But are they really? By the time the pain a discomfort go away it is time for another treatment as they are on going. Of course there are several different ways to medically do this and the results are not the same for everyone. Now,they have lotions with Collagen of a soluble form which absorbs into the skin ,which if used over a period of time can remedy wrinkles and herbs to help it along. Healthier than surgery you dont really need much less going through pain needlessly. Being beautiful need not be a painful experience. Unless you have been in an accident and are severely disfigured do you really need it. Take a good long look at yourself in the mirror. Most likely your human imperfections are not that bad. We are our own worst critic. Collagen is a natural protein that we are born with. When you go looking to replace it more than likely to have surgery to plump something up means putting back too much Collagen. As we get older the skin shrinks some over time due to weather, stress and such. Your skin is not the same size by the time we look for replacement Collagen. What we had by nature was the right amount of Collagen for each person.. When we replace it its the wrong amount. That is why there is pain involved. You have your own will and are certainly capable of making your own decisions. But first check it out. Talk to someone who has done it. Perhaps even someone who has had success at it. Technology in the medical field has improved by leaps and bounds. They can do remarkable things.

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